New Moon Yosemite: Schedule



OCtober 18th


3-8pm: Welcome and Registration

We encourage you to arrive before 7pm so that you can settle in and enjoy dinner with the group. If you’ll need to arrive later than 8pm, please let Us know about request using the per-registration, and we can make considerations and suggest special arrangements.

4-7pm: Afternoon Activities

Possibilities: sound healing, authentic relating games, open campfire

7-9pm: Dinner

9pm on: Greeting at Fire Pit

Our chance to set intentions and come together as a community for the weekend. 


October 19st

7-9am: Breakfast

7:30-10am: Morning Activities

Possibilities: yoga, meditation, qigong

9:45am - 7pm: Offering 8 hr Trip into Yosemite National Park

Buses will depart from The Bug at 9:45am and 11am and leave the park at 5 and and 5:10pm, sharply, however we want a smooth head count before leaving so 445pm is safest at the Visitor Lodge for returning to Yosemite Bugs for dinner at 7pm. We will all head into the park for outdoor adventures for all energy levels, and calling you that day with offering: 8 hour, 7 hour, 4 hour and 3 hour excursions. . Possibilities include: 4 hikes, TED Talk style discussion, acro-yoga Jams in the Valley, and beach, picnic, bouldering, and relaxing, Just add You. Program is here

7pm-9pm: Dinner in Lodge as Community

Dusk(8:30pm-9pm)-: Fire Pit for Open Ceremony - Friday after dinner

9pm onward: Nighttime Fun

Meteor Shower viewing!, Dude Skywalker, LED Light Show, Campfire and live music/jamming, healing libations


October 20th

7-9am: Breakfast

7:30am-12pm: Morning Activities

Possibilities: Yoswmite Valley Activities, yoga, meditation, qigong, sound healing, acro yoga/thai massage groups

12-2pm: Lunch

1-6pm: Afternoon/Evening Activities

Possibilities: carpooling to the park for more hiking, bouldering, picnicing, etc.; yoga, tandem massage, hikes around The Bug, ritual classes

7-9pm: Dinner

9pm: Closing Ceremony and Open Mic

This is our chance to process and share our weekend experience as a group


october 22nd

7-9am: Breakfast

11:00am: Head back home, or into nature for a breath, refreshed and ready to take on the world :)

12pm lunch is available pricing ale carte, on Sunday October 22nd.


Available throughout the weekend:


  • Spa including hot tub, sauna, and private baths

  • Cuddle puddle

  • Tea lounge

  • Fire Pit & Fireside chats

  • Bodywork sessions

After reviewing the schedule, please let us know what activities you're MOST interested in here. 

Thank you for your help!