Classes & Workshops

(Schedule To Be Announced, updated October 2nd, 2018, thank you for patience)

Into The Wilderness

Leslie Santos

Personal transformation coalesces in the wilderness — a process that begins with a death and ends with a birth. You must cross the threshold that separates the known from the unknown if you want the sweet taste of freedom. This four-hour intrapersonal workshop uses metaphor, music, movement, poetry, positive psychology and communion in nature to connect to your true nature. From this deep inner stillness, you will use the messages of your wounds, divine discontent and soul’s longing as the entry to impact-- the route that will lead you back home to wholeness. Fear of the wilderness has impoverished our inner lives. Rather than being in the river of infinite possibilities we are, as the poet Rilke said, “...stuck on the dry bank where nothing happens.” If you want to journey into joy, you have to get wet. Join Leslie as she leads you through a masterfully crafted journey that will take you from fear to freedom. The view from the wilderness is so much clearer. Enter.

Laughter Yoga

Troy & Nikki

‘Your body cannot heal without play. Your mind cannot heal without laughter. Your soul cannot heal without joy. — Catherine Rippenger Fenwick.

    Laughter is a healing tool that a new wave of science pioneered by Dr. Kataria and has been shown to be beneficial in our daily lives. There is nothing more contagious than deep and playful laughter. This short workshop will guide you in a laughter session through various exercises, meditations and games to leave you elated and refreshed. Expect expression through laughter as we leave the world and our words behind.


Troy & Nikki

This workshop will be about trust, balance and the exchange of energy between partners. Guided by Troy & Nikki, we will cover some of the fundamental concepts in Acroyoga and explore playful poses. We will open up the possibilities of the body, allowing people to switch roles and gain confidence in both flying and basing. At the end of the session we will finish with Thai style massage to give thanks to our hard working bodies.

Trusting in Love:
Power in Harmony

Melody Lucian

Joining compassionate heart and empowered action in relationship

Learn tools for: Seeing clearly the reactive cycles that disconnect you. Rerouting your thoughts, emotions, speech and actions. Rewiring your brain, through inviting one another to trust in love. Building the resource of open-hearted connection. Harnessing your creative power to live your inspirations together.

Together we will: Connect authentically as a group. Explore key concepts of reactionary and compassionate relationship dynamics. Go through a practice (in partners) for transforming reactive cycles through compassionate attunement with one another’s heart yearnings. Share insights as a group. Reflect on how to integrate insights into life. Open the circle.

This workshop oriented to intimate relationship and is open to all.

May we all experience the nourishment of a reciprocal flow of love.


Melody Lucian

Where the heart moves us


Be heard, seen and embraced with compassion. Embrace your challenges as gateways for compassionate self-awareness and embodied empowerment. Connect with the fueling inspiration of what your heart yearns for.

Together we will: Connect authentically as a group. Co-create a Heartfield of mutual support. Learn the core of Compassionate Communication and the Circle Process. Witness, share and empathize through word, movement, and presence. Embrace one another with heart. Share insights and gratitudes.

This circle is space to be supported in your inner experience, and participants learn awareness tools for life.

Tantric Cacao Ceremony

Emily Weer

Cacao is the medicine of the heart and has this organic power to crack open our inhibitions and feel the true potential of our hearts flame. This evening, you will be served sacred Cacao from the mountains of Guetamala and lead on a tantra inspired journey of opening the heart. You will experience moments of giving, receiving, release, connecting with others as well as yourself, opening....and fun.

Yoga of Intimacy

Emily Weer

Freeing up our sacrum can be a profound way to awaken waves of pleasure in our body. We have many nerve endings around the sacrum that are screaming for our attention and I want to show you what they like....This is an individual movement practice to free up our pelvis and spine. Once connected with ourselves we flow into tantric breathwork and visualizations that encourage our sexual energy to stream through the body. Fully clothed, open, free, and full of love.

Transformational Breathwork

Alex Rosan

Get ready for a journey! Guided by music we will be using breath as a way of unlocking deeper aspects of ourselves. This is a 2 ½ hour process. Many people experience things like collective consciousness, relive past (sometimes past life) traumas and are able to overcome them, some people also experience ecstatic states of consciousness and can have very powerful visual and somatic experiences. Come prepared with things to make yourselves comfortable like blankets and pillows (if possible). This is a great tool to tune back into yourself in a very powerful way.