New Moon is Looking for a Head of Marketing

What is the New Moon Festival?

An adventure + wellness retreat that will leave attendees feeling inspired, rejuvenated and empowered.  

The New Moon Festival - Yosemite Edition - is an all-inclusive retreat into one of the most serene landscapes on earth. It brings together 150 people from around the world to DISCOVER the majesty of nature, to EMBRACE the gifts and lessons in every moment, and to embody PRESENCE as the ultimate contribution.

Head of Marketing Position Overview

As a community organisation that is driven to transform people's lives, our platform is growing quickly.  We are creating a balanced and high performing team where we don’t put too much on any one-person's plate.  As such, we are looking for a highly driven marketing professional that excels in spreading the word about the products and events we have built.  

As Head of Marketing, we are looking for someone who will oversee our marketing and branding projects and drive attendance to our events.  The goal of this position is to ensure a seamless experience from a guest’s perspective all the way from online to event and post-event follow-up.   Brand partnerships sponsorships and PR are also keys responsibilities of this role. To be successful in this role, you should love to lead a team and be willing to jump in and do whatever it takes for the organisation to be success.

Current Marketing Team

  • Milan - Marketing Strategy

  • Marian - Marketing Project Coordinator

  • Ale - Director of Social Media

  • Brandon - Lead Social Ad Strategist

  • Sarah- Email Content Creator Lead

  • Ella - Graphic Designer

Position Responsibilities

  • Implement current marketing plan, budget, and timeline. Review & revise strategies as needed.

  • Create brand guidelines and ensure they are being followed.

  • Oversee social media plan and monitor team’s success.

  • Develop email campaigns

  • Continually update website with new content, practitioner info, photos, etc.

  • Write copy for website, newsletters, press releases.

  • Create brand partnership deck.

  • Pitch potential brands and individuals as sponsors.

  • Create communication guidelines for the organization for internal and external communication.

  • PR outreach.  


Estimated 10 hours per week.  Open to hourly $ plus ticket to festival.

Want to apply?  Please email and tell us why you'd be awesome for this role!




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