October 18th-21st Thursday - Sunday 2018


Packing List

The following are only suggestions, packing should be based on your expected plans with this as a baseline.

For example, if you don’t plan on hiking maybe you won’t need bulky boots. Bring only what will be useful to you.


- Bring Layers of clothes for warm to cold temperatures to regulate comfort. Dawning and doffing layers is a good idea to consider. Plan for between 40 F lows, & 80 Fahrenheit highs , with sudden chance of showers , see forecast here

- Base Layer/Thermals, wicks away moisture from skin, like capilene, not cotton.

- Light weight Jacket & Warm Fuzzy Jacket, or soft middle layer

- Hoodie, or soft middle layer

- Hard-shell Gortex-like in style Outer Layer water proof

- Swimsuit (optional as the spa is clothing optional)

- Comfortable shoes to hike in with good traction (Hiking Boots or Tennis Shoes)

- Yoga/Athletic Clothes

- Costumes & special outfits; sure why not!

Other items

  • Day-pack style backpack: with built-in nalgene bladder Camelbak backpack is ideal, hands-free-hydration

  • Snacks, sugary, long-release carbs, and your favorites

  • Yoga Mat

  • Water Bottle(s)

  • Headlamp/Flashlight

  • Environmental protection: sunscreen & lipbalm - Sun Hat -Sunglasses

  • Medications: Allergy medication / Prescription medicine *please indicate to bunny any known conditions or allergies

  • Toiletries: Toothbrush, toothpaste, feminine products, etc.

  • Earplugs

  • Eye Protection: Extra UVA/UVB glasses, contact lenses and/or eye drops

  • Bug Spray/Citronella Oil

  • Gifts for sharing! + Blanket for cuddle puddle and stargazing at night


- Meditation cushion

- Slippers

- Onesie: optional, but highly encouraged

- Art supplies

- Ritual/Altar items, for yourself or to share with the community

- Something meaningful to throw into the fire

- LED Lights to wear at night

- Your beautiful SMILE