an all-inclusive retreat to disconnect from our daily grind, be inspired while sharing restorative experiences, and build our tribe.


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October 20th-23rd 2017

Join us for New Moon Yosemite - an all-inclusive retreat that brings an intimate group of 150  like-minded people to one of the most serene landscapes on earth to disconnect from our daily grind, be inspired while sharing restorative experiences, and build our tribe.

Each new moon provides an opportunity for renewal of energy and purpose, and we will celebrate this cycle by creating a space of inspiration and growth, guided by a curated group of expert practitioners, healers, and leaders against the backdrop of Yosemite’s stunning natural beauty.

You will emerge from New Moon revitalized and energized, joined to a tribe aligned behind the singular purpose of bringing out the best in ourselves, and in doing so, bringing out the best in humanity.

Festival tickets start at $400 and in addition to the incredible experiences include three days of food, lodging, and transportation between the retreat site and the park. Everything is taken care of!


Activities and Adventures


Outdoors Adventures

Hikes led by Naturalist Guides

River Tubing with River Captain Ryan


Altar Making


Tea House

Opening & Closing Ceremonies


Relating Games

Cuddle Puddle

Vision Quest

Star Gazing

Transformation, Healing and Wellness

Sound Healing

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Vinyassa Yoga

AcroYoga with Thai Massage

Natural Hot Tub

Tao Meditation


Chi Gong



Live Music

Dude Skywalker


Fire ceremony

Sauna, Hot Tub, Massage, & Mineral Baths


Cuddle Puddle


Vision Quest


Movement, Meditation, And Dance

Hikes and exploration


What's included

Just Outside The Yosemite Valley

New Moon Festival is designed to be a deeply profound personal experience. As such, we are taking care of all your lodging, food and basic needs so that you can focus on connecting with others, sharing your gifts and creating your own journey.


You can expect 3 delicious meals a day designed by our lead chef (formerly from Esalen Institute).


We believe that joining together in reverence of nature brings inspiration.  As such, we have chosen to host our festival in a beautiful rustic mountain retreat center that is modest, comfortable, and beautiful. To be clear, we are not recreating the Four Seasons; rather, we are creating a festival experience that will be fun, memorable and transformative.  You can expect 3 nights of a clean and  comfortable lodging experience with great amenities.  

We aim to cultivate community and connection throughout the weekend.  As such, all housing is shared housing.  What this means is that all rooms will have at least one other person in them.  For example, a queen room with private bath will have 2 people in the room.  Each room can be filled with your friends or significant others or we can match you with people who will bring new energy and connection into your life. 


While transportation to and from the festival site is up to each participant (we will help arrange carpooling), we will provide bus transport to and from the events on Saturday & Sunday.  You are also welcome to take your car in and out of the park.

It is by far the grandest of all the special temples of Nature I was ever permitted to enter.
— John Muir